A Brief History of Music Streaming

A Brief History of Music Streaming Not too long ago it would’ve seemed like science fiction: nonchalantly thumbing through tens of millions of tracks on our technology rectangles every day on the metro to work. But how on earth did we get here? The history of music technology is peppered with breakthroughs that freed people […]

Dynaudio Music Series unveiled at the Ninth Degree Car Club Event at Dubai Autodrome

groove.ae officially unveiled the Dynaudio Music Series at the Dubai Autodrome in collaboration with the Ninth Degree Car Club’s Open Supercar Track Day. The Event was very well received with over 40+ Supercars and Hypercars gracing the occasion – from Mclaren’s to Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s to name a few. Two Bugatti Veyron’s were also […]

What is the most important cable in your set up?

The most important cable in your sound system is the power cord. At the risk of stripping away any magic from your tunes, the music enjoyed from your hi-fi system is little more than AC power, transformed by components to reproduce a melody. The quality of this reproduction is directly determined by the caliber of […]

Why use the same brand of audio cables throughout your HiFi system?

Often times when hifi talk comes around to cabling, you will hear people preaching the importance of using one brand of cables throughout an entire system. But what possible difference could mismatched brands make—especially if they are all eminent companies each with upstanding products? Each cable manufacturer constructs their products in different ways. They use […]

Setting up a Vinyl System

Fed up with plasticky compact discs? Finding streaming just too… digital? And the less said about compact cassette, the better. If you want a truly immersive music experience, vinyl can’t be beaten. Here’s how to start your first system There’s something about vinyl, isn’t there. Whether it’s the feeling of lowering the needle onto a […]

Setting up your Stereo Speakers

Don’t just plonk your speakers down right against the wall and hope for the best. Here’s how you can make them sound their best in your home. Dynaudio’s Academy offers a step-by-step guide to Stereo Speaker set-up. So, you’ve taken your new speakers (Dynaudio speakers, naturally) out of the box, and you’re ready to go. […]

NAD T758V3 Audio Video Surround Sound Receiver Review

In the past two years, Ultra HD and new surround sound formats have come to market and many users are looking to upgrade their receivers to get the most from all the latest content. For those people, NAD offers the T 758 V3 AV Surround Sound Receiver. It represents a great value choice at only […]

Dynaudio wins Best of Show Award at Bristol Show 2018

With Dynaudio taking home the ‘Best Display’ award last year, the Danish speaker brand has one-upped itself in 2018, winning the overall ‘Best of Show’ award thanks to its Special Fortys demo.  The Bristol Show is also the first public outing for its new Xeo speakers, and the contrasting Music wireless speakers (due in the coming months) […]