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Music which is always being with us is not just physical vibration in air, nor an object but exists in a sequence of rhythm arranged by melody and harmony. If such musical elements can reach to us by the physical ways, we will definitely feel Soul Of the Music™ and experience the whole of art, otherwise, music will be just an imagination which can’t move our heart and our mind.

In the past period of time, music could be delivered only by musician’s physical performance, however, thanks to the drastic and continuous development of the technology, the great musician’s performance can come alive without any distortion and move our soul even who have disappeared into the time.

SOtM™ is a very special brand which can deliver the Soul Of the Music™ through the cutting edge audio technology.

AED 13,540 incl. VAT

Digital Music Streamers

SOtM sMS-200 Digital Music Streamer

AED 1,740 incl. VAT
AED 4,640AED 6,927 incl. VAT

Networking Accessories

SOtM sNH-10G High-End Network Switch

AED 3,300AED 6,980 incl. VAT
AED 4,330AED 5,850 incl. VAT
AED 1,930AED 3,220 incl. VAT
AED 210AED 650 incl. VAT


SOtM tX-USBultra

AED 3,830AED 5,916 incl. VAT